I remember the first time I saw a handline being used. A local Costa Rican picked up a handline, swung the lure around his head and cast about fifty feet. I was amazed! So simple and so obvious once you see it. During the next couple years we made and refined handlines for the local commercial shoreline fishermen. We also learned the skills needed for handline fishing. The Streamlines handline has evolved from these early prototypes. The knowledge that we learned is in the brochure that accompanies each reel.


A Simple, High Quality Fishing Tool

The basic concept of the handline is very simple. To cast your lure end swing it around like a lasso. You release it and the line unspools from the reel. To retrieve the lure you wind the line back onto the reel.

The beginner can pick up the handline, and after a few practice trys can toss a lure a good distance and reel it back in competently. With the handline, just as with playing a musical instrument, you continually improve. The way you cast, retrieve, play a fish all are improved with practice and experience.


Why use a Streamlines handline?

1. Its patented improvements make it the best handline in the world today.

2. It is a great backup for standard fishing tackle and you can use it to catch bait.

3. Requires no care and it won't break down.

4. Weighs less than 3 ounces; perfect for backpacking.

5. Fits in a pocket, a glove box, or a brief case; anytime fish are biting you are ready.

6. It is a challenge that continues with use; the more you use it the better you become and the more you become aware that there is more to handline fishing than meets the eye.


Where can you use it, who can use it, and what can you catch?

The Streamlines handline has been used in lakes, rivers, streams,and farm ponds. It has been used for fishing from the shoreline, from piers,and from a variety of water craft. It has been used by eight year children and sixty year old grandparents and ages in between. It has been used by avid outdoorsmen and professional fishermen. It has caught fish including sardines, bluegill, large mouth bass, ocean perch, blue runner, Spanish mackeral, snook, trout, ladyfish, jack crevelle, corbina, corvina, a variety of kelp and rock fish, and one salmon in Alaska.

Use any kind of bait or lure that you would with conventional rod and reels. The Streamlines handline has been used with all kinds of cut bait, live bait, spoons, feathered jigs, salmon eggs, and dry and wet tied flies. Heavier lures, such as the Kastmaster lures work well because with their weight they easily cast long distances.



"We had your handline along on a high Sierra trek. It works great. We ate trout every night. It sure was a lot less hassle than conventional tackle. The only complaint was that we only had one."
Matthew Lloyd, San Luis Obispo, California

"I would like to order two more Tidelands. I apologize for not making one large order but I didn't realize just how nice they were."
Martha L. West, Yarnell, Arizona
"An update on the origional fishing tool, this is the perfect item for the minimalist packer...."